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LANAP® Therapy - Richland, WA

Periodontal Treatment
LANAP laser used by IPANW - Richland, WA
The LANAP laser removes diseased tissue and stimulates growth of new cells, helping regenerate bone and connective tissue.
At Implant & Periodontal Associates NW in Richland, we stay on the cutting edge of the latest in dental technology. For example, we were the first periodontists in WA to perform LANAP® (Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure). This is a treatment that has been shown to help grow new cells in the tooth root and connective tissue, so there's less chance of tooth loss and other common problems associated with periodontal disease.

Older, traditional therapies simply remove diseased tissue and seal the area to halt further damage. But LANAP stimulates the growth of new cells in the tooth root and connective tissue, reducing the chance of tooth loss. No cutting or stitching is required. LANAP also has a faster treatment and recovery time than older methods.

How does it work? First, we measure pocket depth using a periodontal probe. Then, we use a special laser to efficiently remove diseased gum tissue and prepare bacterial calculus (tartar) for removal with an ultrasonic scaler. The laser finishes the debridement of the diseased pocket, compressing the gum tissue against the root surface to stabilize it.

LANAP can generally be performed in one or two visits. We also require a short follow-up visit. The recovery time is very quick. Most patients return to normal activities within 24 hours. They usually feel comfortable enough to eat anything they want after the procedure, but we recommend a diet of soft foods for two days following LANAP.

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